Bill Buchholz

Bill Buchholz

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Bill Buchholz


Senior Pastor

My goal as a pastor is to see that I grow and help others grow in their Christian faith.  I want to personally develop and use what I am learning to help others develop their God-given potential.

In this process, I have been privileged to head a team of great leaders at FCC.  In some ways I am the mentor.  In other ways I am the student.  This has created an environment where all of us can grow beyond our individual capabilities.

I want to bring people of this valley into a healthy church where friendships can thrive and personal growth flourishes.  To do that, I make myself available to study Scripture and people so that I can share sermons that provoke thought and challenge us all to change for the better.  I work with other leaders to see that events and activities meet social, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of people regardless of race, marital or economical status, or age.

Founding Pastor of Family Community Church in June 1983.  FCC is a non-denominational church in South San Jose with currently over 5000 attendees.

Bill and FCC were given the Church Health Award in 2005 and 2006 by Dr. Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest, CA.  This award recognizes the significant ministries and growth that are ongoing at FCC.

Bill and FCC were also recognized in 2004 and 2005 by Dr. John Vaughan of Church Growth Today as being one of the 100 fastest growing congregations in the U.S.

Chairman of the Board (1984-1999) of South Bay and East Bay Teen Challenge, an alcohol and drug treatment program that teaches Christian discipleship to men, women, and children.

Received 2 commendations from San Jose's City Council for ministering to the homeless, providing substance abuse counselling, and distributing food, clothing, and household items to those in need.

Served on the Mayor's Task Force that helped to write zoning laws in the City of San Jose to accommodate a mix of churches and manufacturing companies where the interests of business and worship are both utilized.

In the secular scene, worked for California Real Estate Management Corporation and for Campbell Union High School as an instructor.

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